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3 Reasons to Change Your Indoor Air Filter

DID YOU KNOW: You should be checking your air filter once a month?? Cut costs and save space in your home by getting an electrostatic air filter; It’s a permanent washable solution to regular air filters with no electrical hook-up required – It relies on the natural

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How to Keep Your AC Working Properly, and Your Bills Low

Did you know that many of the most popular cities in the U.S. wouldn’t be what they are today without air conditioning? The appeal of Vegas, for example, would be a lot lower if air conditioning wasn’t around to shelter residents and visitors from the intense desert

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Three Air Conditioner Warning Signs to Watch Out for

Two decades ago, only about 68% of homes in the United States had air conditioning. Today, you can find A/C window units or full systems in nearly 83% of residences nationwide. What accounts for this jump in air conditioning installation? Is the world getting hotter, or are

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Five Tips for Reducing Your Heating Bill in the Winter

Winter is coming. Unless you live in a temperate climate, you should be preparing your home (and yourself) for a season of frigidity and intense coldness. Of course, you could crank up the heat, burn a few scented candles and live inside the real-life equivalent of a

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Air Conditioning: Beyond the Equipment

During the Great Depression, hot and humid states (like Florida or Alabama) saw a marked increase in the number of people who went to the movie theaters. Not because the shows were necessarily better than before, but because movie theaters were some of the few public places

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Four Reasons to Use Only the Best Air Conditioning Contractors

Did you know that, according to, the average air conditioning unit cost ranges from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the model? If you live in Venice, Florida, you likely understand that the cost is a necessity in maintaining comfort in your home at all times. However,

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Stay Cooler, Save More Money… and Live Longer

Florida winters boast some of the most comfortable weather in the whole country. No wonder so many people choose to spend the chilly months in the Sunshine State. But for year round residents, there is definitely a tradeoff. Balmy winters give way to thick, heavy summers, when

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